Introduction of UPC Upper class Psychology Consultation

What is UPC?

UPC stands for Upper-class Psychology Consultation


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“The wealthy, the powerful, the popular, and the clergy
without the psychology of the upper class
destroy oneself and society.”

The formation of upper-class psychology
The Ways to live happily as an upper class person.

NO psychological counseling !!! NO psychotherapy !!!


Know the human mind,
the psychology of different classes,
and the psychology of the upper classes..

The upper class's self-creation of happiness
The upper class respected by all


The world where everyone lives happily together because of me
The upper class that live happily
The upper class respected by all

It creates happiness for both the survival class and the self-actualization class.
The happiness of the upper class who work for not only themselves but also all other people


NO Survival Class !!!
NO Self-Actualization Class !!!
YES Leader Class !!!

The human mind and psychology, mechanism of how to make your life worthy
insight, value, dignity


The happy life
Insight and dignity
Mentors and leaders that people can mentally lean on

The upper class leading the people
The upper class respected by all

Psychology by class UPC

Psychology of the Upper Class UPC

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Psychology of the Upper Class1

Mind and Psychology

Psychology works by connecting the body and mind.
Psychology is formed by experience, knowledge, and environment.
The body and mind work the same, but the psychology is all different.

Knowing the principles of the mind operations
can give you insight, cultivate the psychology of the upper class,
and create the ability to live happily.

Psychology of the Upper Class2

The Psychology of the Upper Class

The psychology that helps the survival class
The psychology that leads the self-actualization class to be happy
The psychology of living together

The guarantee of survival and benefits of welfare for the survival class
The happiness, dream, and hope of the self-actualization class
The environment where everyone can live happily

Psychology of the Upper Class3

Errors of the upper class

The person who mistakes himself or herself as the upper class.
The person who is ignorant of the psychology of the upper class.
The person that others envy, are jealous of and are condemned

The upper class make it difficult for the survival class to survive by persecuting them.
The upper class deprive the self-actualization class of happiness to fulfill their own self-interest.
The upper class live making people in other classes suffer due to their wrongful convictions.

The Recipients of UPC UPC

The upper class who ...

  • are living in a frustrating and suffocating state of mind.
  • don't know why they're living and what happiness is.

Those who want to be an upper class...

  • but don't know the psychology of the upper class
  • and want to live a happy life as an upper class as well

Those who think they are the upper class

  • and are indulged in the pleasure and superiority of ruling over other human beings.
  • and are accused by people of corruption, selfishness, and false beliefs.

Those who want to raise their children to be the upper class,

  • and want their children to have the psychology of the upper class
  • want their children to live happily as the upper class

Examples of the Recipients of UPC

People of Wealth

  • In cases of pursuing luxurious houses, luxurious food, high-end brand products, etc.
  • In cases of living in hiding loneliness and unhappiness

Leaders & People of Power

  • In cases of having a sense of superiority, desire for fame, desire for power, desire for the position.
  • In cases of wanting to have stronger power by using all source of trickery,


  • In cases of enduring loneliness, pain, and indulging in glamour, fame, and popularity.
  • In cases of having a lot of secrets that break down self to deceive people.

Spiritual Leaders

  • In cases of interpreting and teaching God's words and scriptures arbitrarily
  • In cases being under the illusion that you have become a god yourself
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The Method of UPC UPC

Procedure and application method of UPC

Step 1 Application

  1. After submitting the UPC application, consultation is carried out for starting the UPC.
  2. You will receive an e-mail that includes the result of the consultation.

Step 2 Approval

The consultation will be conducted if necessary upon application for UPC. It is the process of determining whether or not UPC is needed for you.

  1. Coordination for the approval

    Pre-coordination before the approval (place, the date, the time required, and cost adjustment for consultation)

  2. Conducting the process for the approval
  3. We send the result via e-mail.

Step 3 Start

You will proceed with UPC after you get the approval.

  1. Adjustment for starting UPC
    • Cycle, duration, means of contact, location, schedule, the time required, and cost of UPC
  2. Start of UPC

Principles for proceeding with UPC

The following
are regulations in the process of proceeding
with UPC.

  • There is no psychological counseling or psychotherapy.
  • UPC is conducted through conversations and discussions.
  • Content of UPC and personal information are confidential (no recording, no voice-recording, no video-taking, no release of information in any case)
  • All processes are carried out in accordance with the circumstances of the UPC recipients.
  • Perform UPC without restrictions on the country, region, place, or time.
  • Comply with the mutually agreed content.

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